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What is HHC Spray & HHC Nano?

What is HHC Spray & HHC Nano?

Nano HHC Powder

How effective is Hexahydrocannabinol compared to Delta 9 or Delta 8. What are the benefits of HHC Spray and does it work? D Squared Worldwide was one of the first to come out with nano HHC powder & flower spray. And more importantly, what's the difference between these products? Here are some tips to make sure you're getting the purest possible product & remember to always ask for a COA from your supplier.

HHC Flower spray - HHC Spray

HHC Flower Spray

HHC Flower spray is a great way to amplify the potency of infused flower or edibles. It contains potent Hexahydrocannabinol Distillate and a blend of Medium-chain triglycerides. This product is suitable for use with a wide variety of leafy greens.

While the effects of Flower spray are not as long-lasting as those of THC, they are still effective. It improves mood, digestion and appetite, and reduces racing thoughts. There are different strains of Hexahydrocannabinol , so you may want to try one to determine what works best for you.

Choosing the right hemp flower for preparing flower spray is an important step. Choose fresh flower with dense buds which will ensure a smooth process when applying the product. In addition, choose ones with a light green tint.

Smoking CBD flower will never be the same and many can't believe they end product is from hemp plants or a hemp strain. Due to the naturally occurring cannabinoids and fresh terpenes, the new top shelf flower will be sure to turn heads and have people question if this is really hemp bud from the legal 2018 farm bill act.

HHC Flower THC Content

HHC Flower is a cannabis extract that contains traces of other cannabinoids and cannabis-derived terpenes. They contribute to the enhanced effects of the Hexahydro cannabinol compound. It can be used in many ways, including smoking, vaping, and baking edibles.

HHC Flower Spray

It is more versatile than other forms of HHC, such as wax and concentrate. It has a low concentration of THC, which means that you can get the same effects with a lower dose. However, it is important to know the law in your state before purchasing any Hexahydrocannabinol flower.

HHC Flower should not be used by people with a history of drug addiction or who are experiencing a severe mental health condition. The strength of Hexahydrocannabinol flower will vary among brands and products. While most HHC flowers contain approximately 70-80% of the THC concentration, some products may contain high levels of THC.

Nano HHC Powder - Power of HHC and THC

Power of HHC Nano

Nano HHC Powder is a highly concentrated form of the cannabinoid Hexahydrocannabinol. It is designed to mix well with most types of food and beverages.

It is generally taken as a 25 to 50 mg daily dose. One liter of Nano HHC powder contains 200,000 active mg of Hexahydrocannabinol . This is enough to create up to two thousand drinks at 10mg with fast acting effects similar to delta 9 thc or delta 8 thc distillate.

Nano Hexahydrocannabinol Powder contains low levels of THC and is therefore not addictive. Its potency is between Delta-8 and Delta-9.

It is used to relieve pain and to provide a psychoactive high that's similar to THC. It works by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the body. These receptors are what give cannabis its heightened mood properties.

How high does HHC get you?

HHC More Potent


While Hexahydro cannabinol and THC are closely related, it is not psychoactive. In fact, it is 70% to 80% less potent than traditional Delta-9. Some users even consider it to be equivalent to Delta-8. Regardless, it causes a relaxing and euphoric feeling that you will not forget.

Hexahydrocannabinol or hhc is a cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis. While it is different from THC, the two can have similar psychoactive effects. While Hexahydrocannabinol is naturally found in low concentrations in cannabis, it is usually created through a synthetic process. The process involves changing the natural THC molecule using a nickel or zinc catalyst, which creates the chemical HHC.

HHC was first isolated in 1944 by chemist Roger Adams. Today, it is considered a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. It is synthesized in a lab from organic material. Hexahydrocannabinol produces a euphoric effect, similar to the THC isomer delta-9 in marijuana.

Does HHC show up on a Drug Test?

HHC Drug Test

Drug testing for Hexahydro cannabinol may be difficult because it is so similar to THC and will metabolize into many of the same compounds. This means that it is unlikely to show up on a standard test for THC. However, some tests may be able to detect HHC, particularly in hair samples. Although hair tests may be less accurate than urine or blood tests, HHC is still detectable.

Studies have shown that in rats, mice and guinea pigs, Hexahydrocannabinol metabolizes into the minor active metabolite, 11-hydroxy-THC. This metabolite differs slightly from THC and may cause Hexahydrocannabinol to be detected on drug tests. This is why it is important to consult with a medical professional before consuming this substance.

Buy HHC Nano Powder or HHC Flower Spray

Buy Quality Nano HHC

You can purchase either or from D Squared Worldwide whether you are a wholesale HHC buyer or retail client looking to try this new molecule. We offer vapes, edibles, nano powder, distillate, flower spray, pre rolls which can all be purchased in Bulk Hexahydrocannabinol fashion. . Be sure to use code dbros for 15% off your first order.

If you are looking to buy bulk HHC then please apply here for a free HHC wholesale account. If you are a retail client looking for HHC products then please check out our site DSWW for more deals! One of our best top selling items is the HHC flower Spray which has 5000mg HHC Distillate and can cover or infuse approximately 2LB of hemp flower. Many users think this is stronger than cbd oil.

HHC Nano Products

Many users have an affinity to the spray because then can enhance their flower with Hexahydro cannabinol + OG terpenes. Our products do not treat cure or prevent any disease. Our product is made from industrial hemp and may come up on urine test. Consult with your physician as it does not diagnose treat cure; not intended to diagnose or treat any ailments.

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