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Infused Nerd Rope Bite Recipes

Infused Nerd Rope Bite Recipes

Infused Nerd Rope Bite Recipes

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Infused nerd rope bites are delicious, high-dose treats that are perfect for adults. These tasty bites are made using a THC-infused gummy "rope" that is covered with colorful Nerds candy. The combination of sour, acidic, crunchy nerds and the THC is a satisfying treat for the sweet tooth.

These bites contain 320mg of THC and are a fun, creative way to enjoy hemp. They can be prepared from scratch or purchased online at D Squared Worldwide.

Our nerd rock bites are 40 mg of thc nano d8, nano delta-9 thc, nano cbd and HHC distillate at 10mg each respectively. Start with half of a nerd bite to see where your tolerance lands. Our flavors include strawberry, green apple and blue razz.

When choosing an edible, you should consider your personal tolerance level, diet, and metabolism. Start slowly and build up to your desired dose. It can take as little as 5 minutes or as long as 30 minutes for the effects to start.

Some products with higher THC content may provide faster onset. Regardless, you should always consume a small amount and wait at least 45 minutes to see the effects.

Medicated Nerd Rock Bites Infused with Nano Delta 9 THC

Medicated Nerds Rope Bites are a gummy treat that's been around for a while. These confections are so delicious you'd think they're candy, which they are not.

While the sour apple may be the name of the game, a candy covered Nerd will do the trick. Aside from being tasty, Medicated Nerds Ropes boast a sour-yet-sweet gummy crust and a 320mg dose of THC infused gelatin, making them both safe and enjoyable to consume. You will feel the effects within minutes.

It's no wonder a few cannabis aficionados swear by them. This isn't a gimmick, though, because the company behind this confection has made it a point to produce THC infused nerds that are as safe as they are tasty. This cannabis infused edible dosing standards should be followed as consuming edibles will make you feel high.

Some of these goodies are only available in certain markets, so you may want to check online to see what's in stock. And if you have a special occasion coming up, you'll definitely need to pick up a few boxes to ensure you'll have plenty to hand out.

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