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THC by mail

How to Place a Mail Order for THC

Wait until you try getting THC from the convenience of your house if you thought ordering CBD from home was fantastic.

Seriously, no matter what state you reside in, there is just one method for ordering THC by mail that is entirely legal. To find out how to accomplish it, continue reading.

Is THC really legal?

Prior to recently, receiving THC by mail required knowing someone who knew someone who had a reliable supply of marijuana from the underground market. This bud typically originated in Mexico or the West Coast, and its high price was frequently accompanied by a fluctuating quality.

(This will definitely resonate with anyone who was a cannabis enthusiast before it was fashionable. Hey, it wasn't your fault you were a pioneer!)

I'm even more grateful to say that cannabis laws have drastically improved over the previous two decades. In many places, marijuana is no longer considered illegal, and one type of it is even permitted by federal law!

The power of THC generated from marijuana

A Federal Farm Bill was passed by Congress and made law in 2014. Federal farm bills are established every four years, so that in and of itself is not remarkable, but this one was unique. It included provisions for the launch of university-led hemp pilot initiatives in each state.

Soon enough, hemp was being grown by academics at institutions all throughout the nation. Additionally, they weren't the only ones to do so; some forward-thinking supplement businesses soon followed suit.

All of this hemp cultivation was only limited by the requirement that no single crop could have more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. In other words, the Farm Bill made a distinction between hemp and cannabis that is strong in CBD and low in THC. Just the latter was acceptable.

However, CBD producers rapidly realized exactly how quickly that 0.3% might mount up. For instance, harvesting an acre of low-THC hemp flower yields hundreds upon thousands of milligrams of THC.

These producers also realized that, when applied to a finished good, the 0.3% number from the Farm Bill really turned out to be quite generous. For instance, a 100 gram serving of CBD edibles would theoretically contain 300 milligrams, or 0.3 grams, of THC derived from hemp. For those of you who don't know, that would last at least three days for even the most dedicated stoner.

Delta 9 THC Gummies

Simply get a full spectrum product if you want to order THC by mail!

The above subtitle says it all. It's just as simple to order full spectrum CBD products that also contain THC as it is to order quality THC by mail! As previously said, that 0.3% THC can mount up quickly.

Take our Daily Buzz CBD + THC Gummies as an example. You can order them by mail and receive 100 mg of ultra-premium, completely legal THC extracted from hemp. Thus, each gummy contains precisely 5 milligrams.

Gummy bears not your thing? No issue. By choosing our CBD + THC Oil or Capsules, you can also order THC by mail. These items have almost the same amount of THC as our delightfully buzzy Gummies.

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