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What Makes Vegan CBD & THC Products Vegan?

What Makes Vegan CBD & THC Products Vegan?

You might initially believe that all CBD and THC products are vegan.

After all, these items unmistakably originate from plants, and plants are, after all, vegan.

It seems that things aren't always that straightforward. Read on to discover more.

Products with CBD and THC are typically vegan.

Let's begin by taking a look at a few pet product categories that are almost always vegan.

Let's actually begin with something much more fundamental and define what veganism is in the first place:

  • Animals, plants, plant products, and animal products are all necessary to an omnivore.
  • A vegetarian consumes only vegetables and goods derived from plants.
  • A vegan only consumes plant-based foods and avoids all animal products.

No problem, isn't it? Given that CBD and THC are both derived from plants, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the majority of these products are completely vegan. The safest CBD and THC products are typically the most straightforward. For instance, CBD oil typically consists of just two components: an active extract and a carrier oil that is inert. The carrier oil nearly always follows suit, and the extract is always vegan. Top options for vegans include:

The majority of CBD + THC topicals, in addition to CBD + THC oils, are also vegan-friendly. Finding a topical medication that contains components originating from animals is quite uncommon. It just doesn't make sense to include animal ingredients in the mix when there are so many plant-based skincare superstars already available, such as jojoba oil, shea butter, manuka honey, and so many more. (Beef tallow might be an exception to this rule, but that is a subject for another day.)

Products with CBD and THC that might not be vegan

For all of you plant-based eaters out there, the goods listed above are a relatively safe choice, but the products listed below can be hit or miss.

  • THC and CBD edibles
  • CBD-infused gummies
  • Capsules with full spectrum CBD and THC

It's not difficult to deduce why CBD + THC edibles could not be suitable for vegans. These delicacies are likely to include all the same ingredients as "regular" foods, such as butter, eggs, and a variety of other unfriendly vegan ingredients.

In reality, there is no assurance that CBD + THC edibles are safe for consumption! Some questionable brands add a variety of additives, such as fake colors, artificial flavors, rancid baking oils, and processed sugar, to their hemp-based edibles. That doesn't make any sense at all given that these chemicals stimulate the exact same inflammatory pathways that CBD is meant to be combating!

Less obvious reasons exist for why CBD + THC capsules might not be vegan. These pills contain the exact same full spectrum CBD oil that was approved above, after all.

Yes, but they also include other things. A large number of businesses create their capsules by putting CBD or THC into a gelatinous cover. (Hint: it's a cap made of animal gelatin.)

There are also CBD + THC gummies. Gummies may be the item most likely to not be vegan out of anything we've discussed thus far. The same animal-based gelatin found in gel caps is present in large quantities in many gummies.

Why all of our goods are vegan-friendly in full

We at D Squared WorldWide are willing to put our money where our mouth is because we believe in the power of plants. Because of this, each and every one of our products is natural, vegan-friendly, and free of all forms of animal testing. Find out how plant power can change the world today.

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