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What are the main differences between HHC and THC-O?

As business experts identify new variations of THC extracted from hemp, the market keeps growing.

One of those newer categories of cannabinoids is HHC, another is THC-O. What are they, and how do they differ from one another? Let's start with the fundamentals.

The main psychoactive compound present in cannabis plants, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is well known, at least in passing, to a large number of people. It is the root of cannabis' euphoric effects, feelings of heightened creativity, and many other noticeable effects.

That's a good place to start. Despite being chemically separate from Delta-9 THC and one another, HHC and THC-O are connected. Let's examine each of these cannabinoids in more detail before going through their main commonalities and distinctions.


HHC: What is it?

Hexahydrocannabinol is frequently referred to by the acronym HHC. According to WebMD, this substance is present in hemp and cannabis plants. HHC possesses psychotropic effects, making it a novel and intriguing choice for consumers interested in federally approved hemp-derived goods and the companies that manufacture them.

In general, HHC is comparable to many other cannabinoids. The inclusion of hydrogen atoms, which isn't present in the other forms of THC, is what distinguishes it.

As a more recent market entrant, there isn't a lot of specific, in-depth information about HHC's effectiveness, duration of effects, and other factors. More of a consensus will probably emerge as HHC is used by more people. Additionally, further scientific investigation might reveal important information.

Where Is HHC Originated?

Plants that produce hemp and cannabis naturally contain HHC. Additionally, it is produced chemically, through a process known as hydrogenation. According to Leafly, this is akin to the method employed by food scientists to convert vegetable oil into margarine.

Manufacturers are aware of this conversion process, but they also guard it. We are aware that high pressure, acetic anhydride, and a catalyst made of nickel or palladium all play important roles.

Can You Get High From HHC?

HHC does indeed have psychedelic effects. Being a more recent cannabinoid, it is difficult to pinpoint the precise high that HHC provides. Users of high-quality HHC products, however, hardly ever dispute that these treatments have observable and beneficial effects.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of HHC?

HHC is more potent than several popular cannabinoids, such as Delta 8 and Delta 10.

Although there are alternative products with even higher potency on the market, it can provide a more intense high than others. The most well-liked items among customers are HHC sweets, HHC flower, and HHC vape cartridges.

Users frequently mention pain alleviation and relaxation, which is similar to other cannabinoids. The same is true of adverse effects like increased appetite, dry tongue, and red eyes.


THC-O: What is it?

A synthetic cannabinoid known as THC-O also goes by the names Delta O, THC-O acetate, and ATHC. This implies that although it shares many similarities with substances like THC and CBD, it doesn't naturally occur in hemp or cannabis plants.

THC-O has been around for a while, but only recently has it become a preferred option for consumers who enjoy using hemp-derived goods that are compliant with federal law. The development of factual data regarding the results, duration of a THC-O high, and other significant factors is currently ongoing.

Where Is the Source of THC-O?

According to Forbes contributor Dario Sabaghi, THC-O is an ester of THC.

An ester is chemically different from the compound it was made from, without going too detailed in the chemistry. Acetic anhydride is crucial in the formation of THC-O, much like it was with HHC.

Starting with CBD that has been extracted from hemp plants, THC-O is produced in a number of processes to arrive at its ultimate state.

Do You Get High From THC-O?

It is true that THC-O has very potent psychedelic effects. Two essential elements are frequently mentioned in anecdotal comments from users:

  • A high with a potency of nearly three times that of regular Delta 9 THC.
  • More psychedelic or spiritual experiences than with other cannabinoids.

What are THC-O's advantages and drawbacks?

The science behind THC-O is not especially well understood. It is currently thought that the advantages, such as pain reduction and relaxation, are comparable to those of other cannabinoids. Red eyes, an accelerated heart rate, and dry mouth are considered to be similar side effects.

Differences and Similarities Between THC-O and HHC

It is simpler to contrast and compare HHC and THC-O after you have a deeper understanding of each one.

Comparative Advantages of HHC versus THC-O

THC-O and HHC are quite comparable in many aspects. When produced in a lab, both go through a protracted and intricate chemical process before taking their final shape. Each is acknowledged to deliver a potent high (but we'll examine the variations in intensity in the section after this). When first derived from hemp plants, both are accepted by the federal government.

What Distinctions Do HHC and THC-O Have in Common?

One important distinction to keep in mind is that while THC-O does not occur naturally, HHC does. However, both are often produced in a laboratory when they are present in items like candy and vape cartridges.

It seems that THC-O is the stronger of the two and can provide more vivid and psychedelic highs, despite the fact that there is no conclusive evidence to support this. In our opinion, THC-O is close to the top, whereas HHC is in the center of the pack in terms of potency.

THC-O versus HHC-O

HHC-O is a cannabinoid that is comparable to HHC but is reportedly much stronger—up to 2-3 times more potent. The type of high may matter more than overall potency in the HHC-O vs. THC-O argument. While THC-O will include a more psychedelic high, HHC-O will provide a little more balanced high.

Where to buy HHC & THC-O?

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