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High THCV Strains That You Should Be Aware Of!

You may have observed that while the labels on your cannabis often list the THC content, they frequently omit to disclose the amount of THCV. High THCV levels, however, can fundamentally alter your cannabis experience, making it more potent and supportive than ever.

You're in luck if you've been wanting to explore strains that have a lot of THCV.  Ten of the top high-THCV recipes that you should attempt this year are listed below.

THCV Strain

THCV: What is it?

Let's quickly go over what THCV is and why so many individuals crave it before we talk about these fascinating high-THCV strains.

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis; however, it is considered minor. This is because, typically, the cannabinoid isn’t present in very high amounts. However, some strains do have higher levels of THCV than others, particularly African sativas, so you can get lucky and find these options on your own.

The uses and advantages of the THCV cannabinoid are still being investigated, although it seems to have a lot of promise. It's important to remember that although the cannabinoid is psychotropic, it only has intoxicating effects at large concentrations. You won't experience any psychedelic effects from this substance at normal doses.

Is THCV permitted?

Many individuals are skeptical about the legality of THCV as a THC variation. The 2018 Farm Bill makes THCV legal as long as it comes from hemp and doesn't contain more than 0.3% THC.

Sadly, although being legal on a federal level, not all states permit the sale or possession of THCV products. This is due to the fact that THC derivatives, even those derived from hemp, may be subject to tight prohibitions in some places. Before buying any cannabis products, check your area's cannabinoid regulations. Additionally, it's crucial to confirm if the company you're considering ships its goods to your state.

What distinguishes THC and THCV from one another?

It's crucial to distinguish between THC and THCV because, despite their similar sounds, they are two very different cannabinoids.

As we've already discussed, THC is a main cannabinoid, but THCV is a minor one. The most pervasive psychotropic component in the cannabis plant, THC, is extraordinarily abundant in the plant.

If you have a low tolerance, even a small amount of THC can make you feel high, while THCV only becomes psychoactive at very large levels. This means that THC is preferable for those who enjoy getting high, whilst THCV is better for those seeking more therapeutic outcomes.

One thing all of these cannabinoids have in common is that, if taken in very high amounts, they may have undesirable side effects. So always consume in moderation.

Legality is another significant distinction between THC and THCV. THC is categorically prohibited by US federal law, whereas THCV is. Only states in the US that have legalized cannabis for recreational or medical use allow you to buy THC products. Products must contain more than 0.3% in any other case, or they will not be accepted.

The availability of high-THC versus high-THCV strains is the final significant difference between THC and THCV. THC-rich strains are very prevalent and come in a wide variety of forms at your local dispensary. On the other side, finding high THCV strains can be a little more challenging, so it's important to keep an eye out for specific strains, like the ones we're about to list.

10 High-THCV Strains You Need to Be Aware Of

More and more high-THCV strains are being crossed and grown on a daily basis. However, even with these high quantities of uncommon cannabinoids, it might be difficult to determine which strains to watch out for.

Here are the top ten high-THCV strains that you should be aware of:

  1. Doug’s Varin

It's better to look for Doug's Varin if you're looking for a high-THCV strain. The high THCV content of Doug's Varin makes it the perfect choice for folks who want both euphoric and supporting effects.

Doug's Varin is a great choice if you want to be more excited but also more concentrated because it is an energetic sativa strain. It might not be as simple to locate, though, as some of the other strains on this list, so keep an eye on what's offered in your neighborhood dispensaries to find out who sells what.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies, often known as GSC, is one of the most well-known cannabis strains in the world and has a high THCV content.

While it might not have as much THCV as some of the other strains on this list, GSC is considerably more accessible. These days, there are many strains created with GSC, providing you lots of options for buds with observable THCV levels. If you're new to marijuana, use cautious when consuming this indica-dominant hybrid because it has strong therapeutic effects and strong highs.

Anyone seeking a traditional introduction to tetrahydrocannabivarin will find this high-THCV strain to be a suitable palatable choice.

  1. Durban Poison

Recall how we said that African sativa strains frequently had significant levels of THCV? Durban Poison is one of those varieties, after all.

A traditional sativa strain with a long history is Durban Poison. Durban Poison has long been a favorite of cannabis users who have been enjoying the plant for decades, and it's probable that they've smoked it multiple times over the course of their cannabis careers. With this strain's high THC content, you'll probably feel incredibly energised, creative, and upbeat.

  1. Jack the Ripper

Another well-known high-THCV strain that OG smokers are aware with is Jack the Ripper. Although this strain has been around for years and is sometimes referred to as JTR, it is still a sativa-dominant hybrid.

As one of those vintage strains that has been slightly displaced by more modern cookie and dessert strains, this THCV strain might also be a little difficult to get these days. However, if you're fortunate and look hard enough, you might be able to locate certain JTR strains at your neighborhood dispensary.

When you're feeling sad, inhale some of the THCV-rich Jack the Ripper strain, which is recognized for uplifting effects and mood-boosting effects.

  1. Tangie

When looking for marijuana, you'll probably encounter a number of Tangie strains, and guess what? Tangie usually has a high THCV content.

People adore the Tangie strain because of its vivid, citrus-forward sativa characteristics, unique flavor profiles, and creative, calming effects. Given that this strain is virtually a replica of the legendary Tangerine Dream, if you're an old-school smoker, you might remember some of the flavor notes in it. 

  1. Pineapple Purps

This strain will be difficult to locate, we'll admit that up front. Although Pineapple Purps is a more uncommon strain and difficult to get on the market, it has a very high THCV content. Because of the numerous therapeutic benefits provided by the high THCV levels, this strain is excellent for medical cannabis users seeking comfort in unusual forms.

After a few hits of this strain, you might find yourself laughing and chatting quite a bit, which makes it suitable for people who are entering social situations when they might not be at their best. Your mind and body will both appreciate it if you can obtain this sativa-dominant strain with a high THC content. 

  1. Pink Boost Goddess

Another cannabis variety that was selected for its high THCV content is Pink Boost Goddess. This strain is excellent for folks looking for energizing, supporting effects because it has greater THCV concentrations than others. It also means that, if you're fortunate enough to find Pink Boost Goddess, you'll probably have to spend a little bit more than you would for a typical strain.

Since this strain is very uncommon, few people are aware of its full effects and advantages. However, this sativa strain has a high myrcene profile, so you may anticipate some comfortable feelings in addition to happy ones.  Numerous individuals claim to have detected strawberry-like tones as well. Yum.

  1. Willie Nelson

After the well-known country musician (who is also a major fan of the unique green plant), the Willie Nelson strain was appropriately called. This happy sativa strain exhibits characteristic euphoric, intellectual effects as well as a high THCV content. The Willie Nelson is a fantastic strain choice for individuals looking to engage in more creative activities, such as music-making, crocheting, or even just taking a challenging hike.

Since the marijuana is so good in uplifting and stimulating people, many consumers find that this strain is perfect for when they're feeling depressed. Enjoy a few puffs of this strain during the day, especially before engaging in social events, as it wouldn't be ideal right before bed.

  1. Power Plant

It is hardly surprising that the Power Plant strain has extremely high THCV levels since it is another African sativa. If you can locate this high-THCV strain at your neighborhood dispensary, it's a terrific choice if you want to feel upbeat, energized, and a little bit cheerful.

  1. Malawi Gold

Last but not least, Malawi Gold is another THCV-rich sativa strain from Southeast Africa. This strain has a long history of being naturally grown in Malawi, Africa, and has built an excellent reputation for both recreational and therapeutic uses all around the world.

Different THCV Strains

Here are a few more well-known THCV strains to watch out for, in case you're curious:

  • Swazi Gold
  • Purple Haze
  • AC/DC
  • Blue Dream
  • Acapulco Gold

Does THCV Test Positive for Drugs?

Unfortunately, it seems that THCV will be detected by a drug test. The test will indicate that you tested positive for marijuana overall even though it won't specifically state that you tested positive for THCV.

The reason THCV will make you fail a drug test comes down to the way that THCV breaks down in the body. When you consume THC or THC variants, the cannabinoid breaks down in the body into a metabolite called THC-COOH. In drug tests, this is the exact metabolite that is looked for. Thus, you will test positive for cannabis after consuming THCV products.

Various THCV Product Types

Since THCV is a very adaptable cannabinoid, it can be found in a variety of forms. These days, you may get tasty THCV gummies that make intake convenient and delectable. Depending on what's best for you, these infused candies are available in a variety of flavors, sizes, and even strengths. Additionally, D Squared World Wide offers a fantastic assortment from which to choose.

If you choose to take it that way, you can also use THCV flower or a tincture. Customers who want immediate, powerful effects but don't want to smoke often turn to tinctures. However, THCV flower or even a THCV vape is a great option if you don't mind smoking. In the end, everyone will find something.

How to Choose the Right THCV Product for You

THCV is a rare cannabinoid, therefore it could be challenging to find, especially in high-THCV strains. If you're set on smoking these really stimulating strains, there are a lot you can watch out for.

In the interim, THCV edibles are fantastic choices for powerful, long-lasting effects. Here at D Squared World Wide, we offer a wide range of mouthwatering, high-quality THCV products that are simple to use and even simpler to enjoy. Visit D Squared World Wide to get started if you're prepared to experiment with this unusual cannabinoid.

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