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Delta 8 Powder - Nano D8 - Water Soluble Delta 8

Delta 8 Powder - Nano D8 - Water Soluble Delta 8

Delta 8 Powder - Nano D8 - Water Soluble Delta 8 



Fast Acting Nano Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC


What is the difference between nano and macro emulsions? Nanoparticles are made of two substances, THC and Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC. As a result, they are more easily absorbed by the body, even in the stomach. For this reason, Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC and THC nanoemulsions from Wong can be absorbed into the body within minutes.

According to Wong, the onset time of Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC nanoemulsions is as little as two minutes for foods and beverages and as little as six minutes for creams and lotions.

In science, adding "nano" to a measurement unit equals one billionth of that unit. Nano cannabidiol particles are made of Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC molecules and can be measured in billionths of a meter. To understand the difference between nano and conventional Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC, you need to know what nano cannabidiol is and how it's made.

Nano Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC is a form of Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC that bypasses the digestive system and passes directly into the bloodstream. Because of this, nano Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC is considered to be 50% to ninety percent more bioavailable than conventional products. Because of this, they may not need as high a dosage as traditional Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC products.

If you have been putting off buying Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC for the past several years, you may want to try nano-encapsulated products.

Because Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC molecules are broken down into tiny nanoparticles, you can take them orally. Nano-particles bind to water better than standard Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC, so they're easier for the body to absorb. As such, they're a more predictable way to experience Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC. And, with their tiny size, the resulting products work instantly; this is the true power of Nano Cannabinoids.

You'll be able to determine the dose of Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC that works in minutes, while standard Delta 8 (Nano D8) THC can take up to sixty minutes.



 Delta 8 is a versatile ingredient that blends easily into a variety of beverages and edible recipes. It's great in tea, protein shakes, cold drinks, recovery drinks, or mixed into recipes.

Δ8, also known as Delta 8, is the abbreviation for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, an ingredient in marijuana closely related to D9-THC. It is made from hemp grown in the United States and is not derived from D9-THC.

As you begin your hemp journey, consistency is key when using hemp products. You should take your powder consistently each day at the same time each day in order to maximize your chances of success.

  • Whether hot or cold, Nano Hemp Tech Lab's Powder dissolves easily in any beverage.
  • For a holistic eating experience, combine Nano Hemp Tech Lab's Powder into any food or recipe.
  • Bioavailability increased
  • With a faster onset
  • Effectiveness
  • Dosing is simple
  • Improved Taste & Odorless
  • Versatile and Adaptable

Ingredients: Proprietary starch blend, Nano Cannabinoids

It contains less than 0.3% D9THC and is 100% legal hemp derived; Please ask our lab technicians for an updated COA. Nano Hemp Tech Labs cannot verify if this product is legal in your state/territory. You are responsible for any and all liabilities related to your purchase.

Make sure children cannot access this product.

You should avoid consuming this product if you are regularly or randomly tested for drugs. Delta-8-THC and Delta-9 are not distinguishable by most standard drugs tests. This is a similar cannabis product which can be used to make cannabis drinks "alike" creations with our water soluble powder. Cannabis infused approved as many cannabis beverage brands also utilize our technology.

 FDA has not evaluated these statements. No diagnosis, treatment, or cure is intended with this product. As with any hemp-derived product, you should treat Delta 8 with caution.




Cannabis sativa produces delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC). Cannabis contains delta-9 THC, which is the primary psychoactive compound.


Marijuana's cannabinoids bind to receptors in the brain and on nerves. Delta-8 THC appears to have less psychoactivity than delta-9 THC. Cannabis and hemp naturally contain low levels of delta-8 THC, so most delta-8 THC is synthetically manufactured in a lab.


There is no good scientific evidence to support the use of delta-8 THC to treat nausea and vomiting caused by cancer drug treatment, glaucoma, trouble sleeping, and many other conditions.


FDA has not evaluated delta-8 THC for safety, and its legality is unclear. Some states ban it, while others allow it. Its amount might also vary substantially between products. Contaminants may also be present in some products.



Our Water-Soluble Delta 8 THC Bulk

In a powder form, our Delta 8 THC Water Soluble contains 20% THC by weight. You can mix this almost tasteless powder with any drink to get a potent and fast-acting D8THC experience, whether you drink water, juice, coffee, etc. Users sometimes report a slight bitter taste, but sugar can offset this.

Available in jars of 500g, 1000g & 10,000g or Kilo

How to Use Nano D8


You will need to weigh and mix the correct amount of powder based on the potency you seek since the water soluble is 20% D8THC by mass.

Adding 8 Thc water soluble to a beverage to achieve your desired potency is as easy as multiplying your desired potency by 5.

Some examples are:

  • In order to make a 10mg D8THC beverage, 50mg of powder is needed
  • To make a 20mg D8THC beverage, 100mg of powder would be needed
  • In order to create 125mg of D8THC powder from 25mg of D8THC beverage



The legality of 8THC is always the first issue that comes up. We provide bulk delta 8 THC that is derived from hemp, contains no D9THC, and complies with federal law. That does not mean, however, that Δ8THC is legal in your state or territory. Consult with a lawyer before purchasing this product so you are following all applicable state and local laws.

As Delta 8 THC hasn't been studied very much, we are just beginning to understand its potential. In line with the experimental nature of any cannabinoid, it is important to consider D8THC for medical purposes. Delta 8 THC is generally reported to make people feel more confident, less anxious, and more productive.

But Nano Hemp Tech Lab's does not claim that its product is medically effective. THIS PRODUCT MUST ONLY BE USED AS DIRECTED BY A DOCTOR.




Enjoy a divine experience by shaking, stirring, or blending THC powder in your favorite drink. THC extracts are dissolved in any hot or cold beverage, using a proprietary cannabis emulsion technology. Our products contain all-natural ingredients and are the gold standard for foods/beverages infused with cannabinoids, such as delta 9 THC (D9). 


These artisan THC powders are 10X stronger than current edible products (mg vs mg) and 2X stronger than smoking / vaping. We think the world would be a better place if you consumed more cannabis and less alcohol. Experience the best water soluble THC powder on the planet, exclusively at Nano Hemp Tech Lab's.



To get into a liquid and stay in it, cannabinoids must pair up with molecules that are water-friendly. Getting two liquids to mix is the challenge of finding the right emulsifier.

Nano Hemp Tech Labs, a contract hemp processor in Houston, Texas, says it talks to customers about water solubility first, and then about the desired consistency and aroma. 

It is possible to encapsulate the cannabinoids and make them capable of attaching to water molecules in a variety of ways. "Their properties and effects differ," he said.

"It depends on how strong you want the flavor to be & the coordinated desired dose. A milky consistency might be great for products that already have some discoloration, but not for water."


What are the psychoactive effects of Delta 8 Powder?

The Delta 8 Powder we sell is psychoactive at certain doses. You'll get high from this product because it was made using THCO, a stronger version of Delta 8 THC.

Is Delta 8 Powder Water Soluble?

Almost any beverage can be infused with Delta 8 Powder. Water, tea, lemonade, and coffee are common beverages, but it can be added to any cold or hot beverage. 


Nano Hemp Tech Labs is an industry leader in the production and distribution of Delta 8 rich hemp products. As a bulk Delta 8 isolate supplier, we take pride in the fact that we are able to provide our customers with bulk quantities of this product.

We are able to produce 20%+ pure Delta 8 isolate powder consistently through state of the art Ethanol Extraction to produce our crude, and molecular distillation to produce our Delta 8 distillate, followed by a proprietary process of crystallization and refinement to get our pure isolate powder.

Overall, this pure isolate powder can be turned into a variety of products to suit the needs of numerous industries. We are a commercial scale supplier of nano isolate for all of your manufacturing and processing needs. From our state-of-the-art labs in Colorado and Texas, we produce a variety of consistently high-quality Delta 8 extracts from which to develop your products.

We control our quality by extracting from our own grown or specially sourced hemp seeds rich in Delta 8 as well as many other rare and unique naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds. Utilizing the latest equipment to ensure our bulk Delta 8 isolate product is the best on the market. We are processing thousands of pounds of hemp per day for wide scale commercial use. For the safety of your products, we test all of our compounds on a third party basis to ensure a consistent raw material.

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