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THC O Live Resin Flower Spray

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THC O Live Resin Flower Spray

Looking to elevate your average cbd hemp flower? Our 5000MG THC-O Flower Spray is perfect for you! One spritz is equivalent to about 7MG of THC-O. Your flower will have ever lasting effects, enhanced terpene profile & enhanced potency 🚀

What is THC-O Flower Spray?

THC-O Flower Spray is formulated for the DIY type of person or cannabis user. Many users infuse their indoor cbd hemp flower with our flower spray to achieve their desired results. THC-O Flower Spray is intended to increase potency of infused edibles, flower and other leafy greens. 


MCT, Hemp Derived Cannabinoid, THC-0


THCO Flower Spray Profile

The product contains a potent Delta THCO Distillate, Medium-chain triglycerides.

Caution: Items may induce a psychoactive reaction.

THCO: THCO is said to be more potent or strong than D9 THC

DELTA 9: Within the legal limit.

Duration & Onset: Onset is rather quick due to potency.

Packaging: 60ml Plastic Boston Round

Personalization: You can choose from a variety of leafy greens to infuse w/ Natural Flavoring.

THCO Flower Spray Origins

D8PG Flower Spray was originated from our founders at D8PG. Many users were coming to our facility asking for a faster infusion process. As a result, the Flower Sprayer came to fruition making it the perfect infusion spray for CBD hemp flower to premium cannabinoids.


THCO Flower Spray Technology

Composition: The emulsion is composed of food-grade ingredients.   

Homogeneity: The emulsion evenly disperses on flower.  

Stability: It can be stored for up to 12 months at room temperature. 

Dosing: Accurate label claims are possible due to homogeneity and stability at 7mg THCO per spray. 

Quality Assurance: Any Delta 8 producer should enforce quality and safety standards by testing internally and by third parties as well as maintaining documentation that verifies the quality and safety of the product. This is always maintained and powered by Nano Hemp Tech Labs.

What is THCO Acetate Ester (also known as THC-O-acetate and THC-O?

As with Delta 8, THC-O is derived from hemp and carries psychoactive effects as well as euphoric qualities characteristic of cannabis use. THC-O is allegedly three times stronger than normal THC. Also, THC-O is known for its anti-nausea and anti-anxiety properties, as well as its ability to stimulate appetite and decrease stress.


Will THC-O or  show up in a drug test?

As with traditional cannabis & THC products, THC-O is likely to trigger a positive drug test result. This is because drug tests generally look for 11-hydroxy-THC, a metabolite of THC produced by the body after we consume it.


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