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CBN Tincture for Sleep 1000mg - Natural Flavor

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CBN Tincture for Sleep 1000mg - Natural Flavor

A full spectrum of synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes are found in our CBN oil which is a whole-plant extract. CBDism recommends starting with one milliliter (33mg) of CBN taken sublingually every day.  If necessary, increase gradually.

Customer reviews typically mention the following benefits:

  • A better night's sleep and improved relaxation

Ingredients: Organic MCT Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBN)

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MCT Oil, Hemp Derived Cannabinoid

CBN Oil Tincture Genetics

We are able to produce a full plant hemp extract that is high in CBN and contains significant amounts of other cannabinoids including CBD, CBC, CBG, and others. Compared to isolated compounds, cannabinoids work synergistically together. It is called the entourage effect.

As part of our advanced cultivation program, we ensure that our product is potent and consistent, and that its genetics will continue to improve. With pristine water and the perfect harvesting method, we grow organic hemp in the USA. To ensure the highest quality of our products, we control the entire farming and production process from seed to shelf.

We extract cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other phytonutrients using advanced extraction methods. The result is a more potent blend, which does not require harsh solvents. GMP practices done within our company,  demonstrates our products are produced in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.


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  • CBN Tincture tested by a third party lab
  • We are committed to using organic and non-GMO ingredients in our CBN Tincture
  • CBDism Produces High Quality Products

Tincture with 1000mg of CBN for a better Night's Sleep

Our CBN Tincture contains CBN and other natural ingredients to help people fall asleep faster.  There are 30-60 servings in a 1 oz CBN sleep tincture bottle.  Sleep is improved with CBN, which is known as the "sleep" cannabinoid. Our CBN Tincture has made falling asleep easier than ever!

The cannabis plant also produces cannabinol, or CBN. The origin of this oil is different, as it results from oxidation, unlike CBD. In the manufacturing process, THC is heated and exposed to light, which breaks it down into CBN. 

CBN is not found in cannabis plants themselves, so it is an expensive product to produce and the sale price of a tincture of CBN is much higher.

How do CBN Tinctures Work?

How do tinctures work? You can take tinctures orally (by mouth). They are liquid herbal extracts made from herbs. In its literal definition, a CBN Tincture is a tincture containing cannabinoid CBN. 

Using CBDism's CBN Sleep Tincture drops is convenient and easy. Tinctures of CBN taken under the tongue can enter the bloodstream much faster, providing the benefits your body needs for an active lifestyle.

What Is the Difference Between CBN and CBD?

CBN and CBD are both non intoxicating cannabinoids, unlike THC, which will make you feel high. Hemp, a THC-free variety of cannabis, and regular cannabis both have these compounds.

Although CBN and THC have some similar effects on health, CBN is a distinct cannabinoid, and researchers are working hard to explore its uses and benefits.

What are the benefits of CBN Tincture?

Years of research have been dedicated to studying hemp's effects and its potential medical benefits; ultimately, researchers discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which controls virtually every vital bodily process.THC, CBD, and CBN, which are small and major cannabinoids, also function as messengers, which provide therapeutic benefits.

Cannabis and hemp produce all-natural cannabinoids, such as CBN and CBD, which mimic the actions of body endocannabinoids to send and receive urgent messages and release terpenes. Plant-based cannabinoids, such as CBN, can help restore internal balance when illness, injury, stress, or other factors make the ECS more active, making them a natural therapeutic alternative and potential cure.

A minor cannabinoid, cannabinol or CBN, is similar to its bigger brothers, CBD and CBG. CBN functions in the same way that both minor and major cannabinoids do by binding to CB1 receptors in the body and mind and promoting a sedative-like state. As a result of this physiological reaction, the body becomes tired, gets ready for bed, and enables it to sleep better.

What is the source of CBN oil?

Industrial hemp is also the source of CBN oil. Hemp plants contain high amounts of CBD, as well as over 113 different cannabinoids, including CBN. It is believed that CBN, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from the natural breakdown of THC, occurs from natural enzymes, heat, and ultraviolet light. THC however remains a psychoactive cannabinoid originating from natural plant enzymes, heat, and ultraviolet light.

How does CBN benefit the human body?

The endocannabinoid system produces CBN in the body. It is responsible for regulating many crucial functions, offering therapeutic value, and promoting sleep. Sleep is known to be improved by CBN because it has calming terpenes that interact with the CB1 receptor.

CBN has sedative properties that make it useful as a sleep aid, as well as helping with the immune system, arthritis, and Crohn's disease pain relief, as well as some other conditions as well.

Do I get high from CBN?

There are no psychoactive properties in CBN oil, and it does not offer intoxicating effects. However, combining THC and CBN can actually enhance their euphoric effects. Unless formulated with THC, our CBN Oil Tincture for sleep will not get you "high."

CBN Sleep Tincture: When Should You Take It?

The CBN tincture might be the right choice for you if you're trying to get a good night's rest! The right time to take CBN oil also matters when it comes to falling asleep faster. 30 minutes before you go to sleep, take a few drops orally.

To achieve the best sleep possible, we recommend using our CBN tincture along with a regular bedtime routine. You can train your body to know when it is time to rest by following a fixed schedule, and this will improve your mental structure as well.

You can sleep better with CBN and the following methods:

  • Several hours before you go to bed, gradually dim the lights
  • Read, meditate or try hypnosis
  • Exercises such as stretching or yoga can relax you before bed
  • Drinking herbal tea instead of caffeinated beverages

Is there a recommended dosage for CBN?

CBN dosage is still under debate due to a lack of research.

Cannabinoids like CBN need to be taken in the appropriate dosage, which is determined by several factors, including the person's weight, tolerance, the goal, and the formula used.

Starting with a small amount of CBN is the best approach, and then assessing how you feel afterward. Over the course of several days and weeks, you can gradually increase the CBN dosage until the desired effects appear.

Every consumer is different, so it is important to be aware of the effects of cannabinoids, such as CBN.

Can CBN cause side effects?

Sleep is improved with CBN because it causes drowsiness. It is considered generally safe for adults to consume CBN oil products derived from hemp extracts. CBN tincture could cause adverse reactions in certain people, just like any other hemp oil supplement or natural sleep aid. Speak with your physician before taking this product.

Pregnant or nursing women, those operating heavy machinery, and those driving should not use CBN oil or tincture.

CBN Oil Tincture Shipping Policy

  • Orders placed online will be shipped within 1-2 business days after payment is received.
  • Private label orders ship out after all labels and packaging have been delivered to the warehouse, the products have been packaged properly, and all lab tests have been completed.

Storage & Care for 1000mg CBN Sleep Tincture

  • Store all products at room temperature sealed or covered in a cool, dark place. Because light, temperature, pressure, and other factors can change organic ingredients and products, you'll want to store them consistently.
  • Avoid direct sunlight when using CBD oil products
  • Finished products have a 12 month shelf life


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Wholesale Pricing and Orders

To get the best wholesale pricing on all CBN sleep products, please visit DSWW wholesale portal for white private label CBN options or bulk pricing on CBN sleep tinctures by CBDism. 

Drug Test Disclaimer

CBN should not signal a traditional drug testing protocol which tests for Delta 9 THC or total THC content.

CBN Disclaimers and Warnings

Before using any CBN product, consult your physician. A CBN product cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Pregnant or nursing women, or those with any health conditions, should not use CBN. 21 years or older is required to purchase CBN.

There is a possibility that CBN can affect blood pressure, heart rate, and/or intraocular pressure, although this is rare. Do not take CBN without the approval of your doctor or physician if you are experiencing one of the above effects.

Under the influence of CBN, do not operate heavy machinery or drive; just go to sleep immediately.

Quality-checked and third-party laboratory-tested CBDism CBN Tincture

Our goal at CBDism is to give our customers top-quality products. We manufacture all our finished products in with a cGMP facilities state of mind which yields a consistent high quality retail ready unit. This CBN product, for example, is certified by a Third Party Lab.

At the link below, you can find the certificate of analysis for our CBN sleep tincture. CBDism's Daily Active CBN tincture will help you start your day right and improve your sleep!

1000mg CBN Sleep Oil Tincture

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