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CBN Distillate: THC Free CBN Distillate

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CBN Distillate: THC Free CBN Distillate

You may have heard of the CBN Distillate and wonder what its benefits are. Well, it might not be as high-flying as some would have you believe, but it may be able to help you feel more focused and reduce your stress levels. Moreover, it may help support normal joint mobility and healthy inflammatory response. This substance is not psychotropic, and it is best used in combination with other compounds.

CBN Distillate: This form of CBN is 90% pure cannabinol and is available in crystalline solid distillate. It is highly suitable for sleep formulations and any water based formula. Because it is flavorless, it will mix well with a wide variety of edibles, cbn vape pens and much more  . In addition, it is suitable for food preparations. Its fast-acting effect will help you fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed.

Nano Hemp Tech Lab’s Technology: The product is formulated with CBDism premium CBN Distillate. Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBN distillate does not taste bitter and does not leave behind any oily surfactants. 

CBN Distillate - Best CBN - Wholesale CBN

Cannabinol: Cannabinol is a derivative of hemp. It binds to CB1 receptors in the brain. It is mildly psychoactive. CBN Distillate contains 90% pure CBN particles.

CBN Distillate FOR SALE


Cannabinol, or CBN, is a byproduct of THC breakdown. This Distillate is a pure cannabinoid in the form of crystalline powder that can be manipulated in a variety of ways. It is sometimes referred to as the nighttime cannabinoid and is mostly used at nighttime.


Pure CBN Distillate


  • Promotes relaxation
  • Maintains calmness
  • Improves wellness


  • Take one serving every 24 hours or a typical dose of .1g


Cannabinol Distillate, or CBN Distillate, is a cannabinoid Distillate from the hemp plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a metabolite of CBN. T-cells, B-cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells express the CB2 receptor, which marijuana preferentially binds to. 

When CB2 receptors are stimulated by cannabinol, these cells undergo apoptosis and their production of various cytokines is inhibited. CB1 is not a strong agonist for cannabinol, and it has a weak effect on the central nervous system. 

It may suppress the immune system and reduce inflammation. The CBN Distillate product can be made into a soluble nano powder when formulated properly. Our CBN Distillate powder has a purity of 90% or 900,000 milligrams of CBN per kilogram.

CBN Distillate WHOLESALE BULK KILOS: Distilled or Full Spectrum CBN 

CBN Distillates from Nano Hemp Tech Lab will help you get a deep and restful sleep. We source our premium CBN Distillates from the very best hemp plants grown in Oregon. The 1g containers contain 90% pure CBN without THC.

How Do You Feel When You Use CBN?

CBN, unlike CBD, promotes a healthy sleep cycle, making it an excellent choice for those who have trouble falling asleep or relaxing. Through its action on endocannabinoid receptors (TRPA-1, TRPV-2, TRPV-3, and TRPV-4), CBN induces a state of deep relaxation that eases both mind and body. In combination with our CBD Distillates, fans report experiencing a deeper sense of calm and relaxation, which promotes a restful sleep.

Nano Hemp Tech Lab's CBN Distillates: Why Choose Them?

Our CBN Distillates are subjected to third-party laboratory testing to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. Nano Hemp Tech Lab's CBN Distillates include:

  • GMO-free.
  • Free of THC!
  • Specifications
  • No pesticides are used.
  • Heavy metals are not present.
  • Formulation and usage instructions
  • 1 gram of CBN Distillate will contain up to 90% or 900mg of pure CBN. Fast acting effects on your endocannabinoid system utilizing our THC FREE CBN.


  • Best stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid light and oxidation (exposure to oxygen)
  • To prolong the life of your product, stay away from extreme temperatures.
  • Nano Hemp Tech Labs can not be held liable for any individual who consumes this product.
  • FDA has not evaluated these statements.
  • No diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention is intended with this product. Hemp Extracts, Hemp products or any of our CBD Products are always present with a certificate of analysis.
  • Get more information about using CBN Distillate as an ingredient for your manufacturing business or lab.

How Do I Use CBN Distillates?

Distillates of CBN are odorless and tasteless! In addition to being versatile, they can be consumed in many ways. CBN Distillate can be used for formulating vapes, tinctures or cbn gummies.


This artisan distillate is handcrafted by award-winning lab technicians. This is the best water soluble CBN on the planet. Benefit from fast-acting, predictable, and highly bioavailable cannabinol (CBN) that acts in thirty to forty five minutes. Whether you're baking, cooking, or crafting edibles, you can add our oil-soluble CBN Distillate to your favorite CBN products. 

The CBN Distillate from NANO HEMP TECH LAB seamlessly blends with fresh roasted coffee, espresso, gourmet chocolate, baked goods, desserts, molecular gastronomy, and more.


Jaqueline Cruz | 619.820.3021


Dalton or Dillon Worley | 281.541.0047 or 281.531.7500

info@nanohemptechlabs.com or cbdism@gmail.com

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