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Delta 8 Pre Roll - King Palm - Pack of 6

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Buy Delta 8 King Palm Rollo Hemp Blunts

The Rollo Hemp Palm Delta-8 is a premium Delta 8 Pre Roll packed with Delta 8 THC on the tip providing an experience to enrich any night or day. Corn husk is used for the filter tip of the King Palm roll. Using these materials to bite and draw smoke allows users to experience tight, smooth, and cool smoke. Each 1.5g Delta 8 King Palm is packed with cannabis terpenes and premium hemp flower.  

The effects produced by these delta-8 hemp blunts are classic of a Sativa strain, Hybrid strain and Indica strain. 



Premium CBD Hemp Flower, Corn Husk, terpenes, Delta 8 THC tip 

Why are Delta-8 hemp blunts so dope?

Manh Delta 8 pre rolls are harsh and tough to puff on. As well, pre-rolls made from rolling papers or hemp fibers don’t tend to burn as long. The Rollo Hemp D8 King Palm hemp blunts are the perfect solution to a premium smoking experience. It burns slowly, so you can enjoy every minute of your delta-8 session. In addition, corn husk filters provide a cooling effect, ensuring a tight and cool draw as well as smooth smoke.


What is the shelf life of these hemp blunts?

When properly stored, delta-8 Rollo Hemp King Palm hemp blunts last up to 16 months. 


What are the best ways to store my hemp blunt?

We recommend storing your delta-8 hemp blunt in a dark, airtight container to keep it fresh. When storing your blunt stash, put a humidity pack in with your King Palm rolls. This will keep them fresh longer.  

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The naturally occurring cannabinoid Delta-8 THC (or Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) is present in small amounts in hemp and marijuana. Despite its chemical differences from Delta-9-THC only by a few atomic bonds, Delta-8-THC offers similar, potent effects. Compared to Delta-9, however, people report less paranoia and anxiety.

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