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CBD Mocktail - 8 FL OZ

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CBD Cocktail “Mocktail Pump Action”


  • Nano CBD - 20mg per pump
  • 2000mg Active Ingredient/bottle
  • Hemp Derived Isomer
  • Water Soluble CBD Formula
  • USA Lab Tested 3rd Party
  • 100 servings per bottle
  • No hangovers
  • MSRP: $500-$800

FLAVOR: Natural


Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Citric Acid, Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

Here’s how to make them at home, according to the experts

One of the more recent cocktail trends is also one of the most chill: CBD drinks. In addition to the legalization of hemp and cannabis, they have been increasingly appearing on boutique bar menus; bartenders and mixologists have been adding new CBD concoctions to their repertoires as consumers thirsty for the next big thing in craft cocktails. The creation of CBD cocktails is now also possible for home bartenders—which is great since bars everywhere are currently closed, making us all our own mixologists.

What Is a CBD Cocktail?

CBD drinks are cocktails that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD) from marijuana/hemp plants, notes Dillon Worley, Chief Scientific Officer of Nano Hemp Tech Labs.

When it comes to sipping cocktails, CBD aids in relaxation, even if it doesn't get you high like marijuana does. It seems that CBD is finding a home among low-ABV drinks among bartenders and mixologists.

Additionally, there have been some innovations from our lab where we have introduced a CBD, D8 & hdi D9 pump action bottles that serve 20mg of nano per mocktail which are of course non alcoholic. Our nano technology also allows for fast absorption so your mocktail will be sitting easy within minutes as you enjoy your next social outing.

Why Drink a CBD Cocktail?

There is a possibility that you will benefit from drinking CBD cocktails since CBD encourages the production of naturally occurring endocannabinoid in the body. You can ensure that your endocannabinoid system (ECS) is in good working order by taking CBD. Worley explains that the ECS regulates homeostasis and keeps the body in balance.

Additionally, CBD cocktails can act as a muscle relaxant or antidepressant, according to Worley. 

Does CBD Change the Taste of a Cocktail?

According to Nano Hemp Tech Labs, the answer to this is no. Each dose of cannabinoids is odorless and tasteless making it the best option on the market to craft with!

Where Can You Purchase CBD?

“Many natural health and nutritional retail locations carry Cannabis Nano water soluble or CBD extracts,” but of course you can purchase online at

Always make sure to look for a viable COA to verify what is actually inside of your CBD products. 

How Do You Make a CBD Cocktail Recipe at Home?

When making a CBD-based cocktail at home, Worley advises keeping a few things in mind. In order to avoid overpowering the drink, he suggests monitoring the amount of CBD you use.

The CBD should be added in small amounts to the drink at first. A typical dose is 20 milligrams. It is equivalent to adding one pump to a cocktail before shaking or stirring," he explains.

What happens next? Mix a cocktail over ice according to the classic rules. Shake your cocktail for 10 seconds if it contains citrus or stir it for 20 seconds if it doesn't.

Worley says that the only tip he has for new CBD users is to not be afraid of it at all. It does not have the same effect as THC. 



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