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DSWW CannaBiometric Pay

Introducing as an innovative and secure payment solution.
Five Layer Authentication System for Paybyface

Revolutionizing Payments with

Experience a New Level of Security and Convenience in Digital Transactions. Seamless Transactions, Unparalleled Security - Experience the Future of Payment Technology. isn't just another payment system; it's a forward-thinking solution that addresses modern security concerns in digital transactions.

Enhanced Security through 5-Layer Authentication

Enhanced Security through 5-Layer Authentication" refers to a robust and multi-faceted approach to securing digital transactions or systems. In the context of, it means that the payment solution incorporates five distinct layers of security measures to ensure the authenticity and safety of each transaction. Each layer serves as a checkpoint or verification step, collectively creating a comprehensive defense against unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Face Biometrics

This layer uses advanced facial recognition technology to verify the user's identity. It ensures that the payment is being initiated by the legitimate account holder, adding a personal and non-transferable security layer.


This feature adds a geographical layer of security. Transactions can be configured to be authorized only within certain predefined physical boundaries, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access from remote locations.

GPS Integerated

Integrating GPS provides real-time location tracking, adding another layer of security. This ensures that the transaction is being made from a location consistent with the user's usual patterns, adding an additional safeguard against fraud.

Pin Authentication

Despite the advanced technology, including a traditional PIN adds an extra layer of security that can act as a fallback and is familiar to users. It's a simple yet effective way to authenticate transactions.

Liveliness Authentication

This innovative feature ensures that the system is interacting with a live person rather than a photograph or video. It can detect small movements or signs of life, such as blinking, to confirm the user's presence and consciousness during the transaction.

Blockchain-Backed Transactions

"Blockchain-Backed Transactions" signifies that the payment solution leverages blockchain technology to enhance the security, transparency, and reliability of transactions.

Security and Transparency

Each transaction is recorded on a blockchain, providing an immutable and transparent ledger. This not only enhances security but also builds trust, as transactions are verifiable and cannot be altered retrospectively.

Reduced Fraud

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology makes it extremely difficult for fraudulent activities to occur, as altering transaction records would require consensus across multiple nodes.

Benefits of the 5-Layer Authentication System

The "Benefits of the 5-Layer Authentication System" refer to the advantages and positive outcomes that users and the payment system can experience by incorporating a multi-layered approach to security. Let's delve into the key benefits of this 5-layer authentication system

Increased Trust and Reliability

Users can place a higher level of trust in due to the multiple layers of security in place. The combination of face biometrics, geo-fencing, GPS, PIN, and liveliness authentication instills confidence that transactions are secure and legitimate.


Despite its advanced security features, the authentication process remains user-friendly. Facial recognition and GPS tracking, for example, are passive and require minimal effort from users, providing a seamless and convenient experience.


The 5-layer authentication system is adaptable to various security levels based on transaction size or user preferences. Users have the flexibility to choose the level of security that aligns with their comfort and the sensitivity of the transaction.

Global Accessibility is designed to be accessible globally, utilizing biometrics and mobile technology. Users can initiate secure transactions from anywhere, making it an ideal solution for a diverse and widespread user base.

Business perks

Upgrade to Biometric Contactless Payments

Provide Digital Receipts to Customers

Instore Digital Promotions Bilboards

Extend Your Advertising to other Locations

Online Customer Engagement Dashboard

Easily Create Customer Loyalty Programs

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