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D Squared Difference

Faster Acting, Enhanced Bioavailability, and
Stronger Hitting. With their proprietary nano water soluble technology,
D Squared Worldwide is revolutionizing the CBD industry.

As a pioneer in the development of science-based faster acting cannabinoid products and research, we were the first company to commercialize nano water soluble CBD products as well as  hemp-derived minor cannabinoids, including Delta 8 THC,HHC, and targeted cannabinoid blends. To consistently deliver CBD, THC, and minor cannabinoid products, D Squared Worldwide has always placed a high value on purity and potency. Lab-tested by third parties, all products come from organic, natural hemp, ensuring consumer safety and

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HHC Wholesale Products, Delta 8 and More

Some of the industry's fastest-growing cannabinoids are HHC products as well as nano nano delta 8 gummies and nano CBD gummies. There has never been a better time to get involved in the booming Delta 8 industry. There is no doubt that Delta-8 products are gaining popularity on mainstream markets daily.
D Squared Worldwide offers all of its great CBD, Delta 8, Delta 1o, THCO, HHC products wholesale. Selecting the best Delta-8 products is fundamental for the success of your Delta-8 business. Take advantage of our 3PL or pick up in store today and meet the team. All products are Hemp Derived and are federally legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill because it’s derived through a process that begins with Hemp.

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Delta 8 Seltzer

We offer the best delta 8 seltzer on the market at D Squared Worldwide! Why drink a Blitzd Bev Co Delta 8 Seltzer? Non Alcoholic, Zero Calories, Zero Sugar with a kick of natural caffeine. Come and see for yourself why many people say this is the best delta 8 seltzer on the market! Blitzd Bev Co Delta 8 Seltzer is made with simple, clean ingredients and is available in 3 tasty flavors: Blood Orange, Lime, Watermelon. Blitzd Bev Co Delta 8 Seltzer is ideal for sipping by the pool, after work, or at brunch on a Saturday morning. Blitzd Bev Co Delta Seltzer is “THE FEEL GOOD SELTZER” and will leave you with no hangover. 

Check out our:
for our latest delta 8 seltzer reviews!

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Is Water Soluble CBD Better?

All of D Squared Worldwide products are infused
with Nano Hemp Tech Labs proprietary water soluble CBD Tru Nano Technology. Nano water soluble in simple terms means faster acting products.

Get a euphoric feeling within minutes with up to 99% absorption with our water soluble CBD. Developing the highest quality CBD products starts with Nano Hemp Tech Labs, an industry leader in water soluble emulsion technology.

Nano Hemp Tech Labs

Nano Delta 8 Gummies

Tired of waiting 60 to 90 minutes for your delta 8 gummies to kick in? Come try the newest and best delta 8 gummies infused with our nano delta 8 powered by Nano Hemp Tech Labs. With a 5-minute activation time, these nano delta 8 gummies are the fastest acting on the market. Thanks to the extra kick that nano delta 8 provides, the D8PG organic delta 8 gummies are sure to please anyone. Unlike other thc edibles, the nano delta 8 gummies from D8PG allow for more accurate dosage, as you can see if the effect of the nano delta 8 is noticeable immediately after swallowing the gummies. For the most premium best tasting nano delta 8 gummy in the industry enjoy all 7 flavors today.

Nano Delta 8 Gummies

Our Customer Value

Our entire DSWW team and core values align with great customer service and customer satisfaction. From inquiries to shipping orders, we make sure a smooth
process to build a strong relationship with our customers.


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