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CBDism Nano Pet Calming Spray for Dogs w/ Anxious Behavior

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CBDism Nano Pet Calming Spray for Dogs w/ Anxious Behavior

Natural support for your pet's mood relieves anxiety and maintains calm in dogs by relaxing the nervous system:

  • Balances the behavior of pets
  • The nerve system is gently supported
  • Hyperactivity is assisted
  • Recommend for those suffering from anxiety and nervousness
  • Drowsy-free
  • Side effects are minimal with Nano CBD


Purified Water, Hemp Derived Cannabinoid


When should you Calm Your Pet Down with our Nano Pet Calming Spray?

CBDism's Nano Pet Calming Spray helps relax your furry friends in an instant and alleviates stressful situations such as vet appointments, new visitors, car rides, thunderstorms, and grooming appointments.


Formulated with natural organic ingredients, this spray is safe and easy to use. Just apply a few sprays to the back of the throat and let sit for absorption.

Serving Size: 1 Spray (approx 0.08 ml) 7mg Nano Cannabinoids (Nano CBD).

**Please consult your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD. We recommend 3 mg per 10lbs. Start with 1 mg per 10lbs and wait 24 hours. Do not exceed 1 dose per 24 hours.

CBDism’ Pet Calming Spray Information 

It is a natural spray made from organic nano cannabinoids that is very safe you can use it on your dog to relax and wind down after a long day. Fireworks, separation anxiety, and people and places new to your dog... can all cause stress and anxiety in your pet. Your best friend will be naturally calmed now that you are doing something to help.

  • Relieve stress and promote calm
  • Boost mental well-being
  • Improve separation anxiety

 Are Nano CBD Products safe for my Pet? Is CBD Safe for My Pet? 

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or more famously (THC), is the inverse of CBD and is one of the main active compounds found in cannabis. Many cannabinoids are present in cannabis plants, with CBD making up the majority. 

CBD Nano Research Continues

The research on CBD is continuing, and we are learning more about the therapeutic effects of this cannabinoid than it does its counterpart (THC). It may be used to treat inflammation and anxiety. Keep your pet calm and collected with CBDism's Nano Pet Calming Spray!

Many pets have almost instant relief due to our in-house proprietary nano water-soluble technology powered by Nano Hemp Tech Labs. Each CBD molecule is broken down to the nanoparticle size.



  • If your pet has a medical condition, do not use the product. Internal use only is recommended.
  •  CBD THC Free product; contains cbd nano technology (anti inflammatory). Form of CBD.
  •  Individuals or pet owners who consume this product are not liable to D Squared Worldwide.
  • The Food and Drug Administration has not assessed these claims.
  •  Does not diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease and consult with your veterinarian.
  • Pregnant or nursing pets should consult with vet to see if ok to use.
  • May stimulate your pets endocannabinoid system due to not using CBD Oils.
  • This is not a CBD tincture rather a CBD Spray form and sprays nano cbd particles.


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Again, enjoy our products responsibly and do not forget to dose daily!

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