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What Takes Place If Too Much THCV Is Taken?

The same is true for THCV—taking too much of anything can be harmful. You might experience some unpleasant feelings if you eat too much THCV, and you'll want to prevent those feelings the next time.

What happens if too much THCV is consumed? What can you do to bring yourself back to reality if you do take too much?

Let's discuss it.

THCV: What is it?

What is THCV, first and foremost?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin, also known as THCV, is a cannabinoid that, when consumed in large concentrations, has intoxicating properties. But at low levels, THCV has no intoxicating effects and won't get you high. Only when you take in a lot of THCV at once does this happen.

The cannabinoid is a minor component because cannabis plants rarely contain it. Although some strains have a greater amount of THCV than others do, it is still a minor cannabinoid compared to others like THC. However, this does not imply that THCV lacks potent effects that we can perceive.

THCV seems to offer a lot of promise in a number of areas, depending on why you use it. The cannabinoid is helping people every day, and more consumers than ever are looking for the rare substance because of its special effects.

What Takes Place If Too Much THCV Is Taken?

Unfortunately, when people learn that THCV may cause them to feel high, they tend to take too much of it. The adverse effects of THCV overdose will be experienced by your body.

The following negative effects can occur from taking too much THCV:

  • Vomiting
  • Paranoia
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth and dry eyes
  • Increased heart rate
  • Disassociation

These are some of the most typical negative consequences of taking too much THCV, however not everyone will experience them. Always keep track of your THCV intake to see whether the recommended dose is right for you. If you have unpleasant side effects like these after taking your THCV, it's probably because the amount was too high; if you decide to try again, you should take considerably less the next time.

THCV Effects

Advice for Managing Too Much THCV Intake

The side effects of THCV can be unpleasant, but thankfully they are only fleeting. We've got ten suggestions to help you get back to normal if you start to feel any of these negative side effects.

  1. Drink Water

Drinking some water is an excellent first step to take if you've taken too much THCV and aren't feeling well. This can alleviate the likely dry mouth you're experiencing and provide you with a good hydration boost that might help your brain get back on track.

You'll be able to process the cannabinoids you've consumed more quickly if you drink water as opposed to not. This may help you feel better more quickly by lowering the overall high or side effects. So, drink a cold glass of water if you're feeling queasy, anxious, or just have a dry mouth. 

  1. Message Your Friends

Talking with a buddy can help your mind stop swirling, especially if they have the ability to uplift your spirits by making you laugh or smile. Of course, make sure they are aware of the fact that you are acting strange as a result of eating too much THCV; this will prevent you from worrying that you are hiding something. Instead, be honest and open about it; this will help you quickly regain your sense of self.

  1. Alter the Environment

Sometimes the unpleasant effects of eating too much THCV may be exacerbated by the surroundings you're in. So why not make a change? If you're in the bedroom, move to the living room downstairs or, even better, go outside to get some fresh air. Going outside can be a fantastic way to relax and get in touch with nature.

However, we must emphasize that if you go outside, make sure you don't drive or use any kind of machinery. Instead, stay away from the cars and walk or simply enjoy the sunshine on your own.

You might also arrange for a close friend or relative who lives nearby to pick you up and take you to their home. You might be able to calm down and improve as a result of this change in scenery. 

  1. Consume some CBD

The psychoactive effects of cannabinoids like THCV can be mitigated by CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Combining CBD and THCV may lessen intoxication effects, focusing more on enhancing supportive interactions than anything else. This means that taking some CBD may be a wonderful method to lessen those symptoms if you've taken too much THCV and are currently feeling too high or uncomfortable.

  1. Avoid using the Internet

It's simple to turn to Google whenever our strain levels rise and begin looking for the unavoidable. Unfortunately, because the internet will tell us all kinds of things—things that probably aren't even relevant right now—this can frequently make our tension worse.

It is therefore preferable to avoid using the internet at such times and instead concentrate on yourself. These encounters won't last very long, so there's no need to be concerned about it. Instead, take a few deep breaths and watch your favorite program.

  1. Get a Shower

A fast sober up in the shower might be really helpful after taking too much THCV and feeling overwhelmed. Similar to when you're experiencing a panic attack, taking a shower can help you to regain your composure, tell you that nothing is wrong, and ground you.

Remember that a cold shower is advised in this situation because it is believed to be calming and can even help you come down from your high. Even if it doesn't sound good right now, it can be just what your body needs to feel relaxed and sober again after taking too much THCV. 

  1. Practice deep breathing

A lot of times, having too much THCV can cause extreme paranoia and even an elevated heart rate. Deep breathing exercises are a great approach to lessen these unpleasant feelings.

Deep breathing can help you feel less worried since it naturally lowers your heart rate, which can help you divert your attention from the high and concentrate on something else. It's simpler for your thoughts to feel more relaxed once your heart rate is under control.

Try practicing belly breathing to help you produce relaxing, deep breaths. When you belly breathe, you concentrate on breathing air into your stomach rather than your lungs. Try performing this while on your back. You might feel significantly better after a few rounds of belly breathing.

  1. Consume something sour or sweet

Although it may sound ridiculous, eating something sour or sweet can help you clear your head after consuming too much THCV.

If your blood sugar levels are low and you are experiencing lightheadedness or dizziness, it may be best to consume sugar when you are feeling too high. On the other hand, sour foods can be beneficial for people who experience THCV panic since the tart flavors zap taste buds and ultimately divert the mind from worrying thoughts. So, if you've eaten too much THCV, try chewing on some sweet or tart candies that you might have around.  

  1. Take some sleep

Sometimes going to bed is all that is necessary to alleviate the unpleasant effects of consuming too many THCV products. Take a quick snooze instead if it's too early in the day. If your day is over, however, it is better to go to bed and attempt to let a good night's sleep wake you up. You ought to feel like yourself again when you awaken.

  1. Consider Diverting Yourself

Finally, after eating too much THCV, finding ways to divert oneself might be really beneficial. Numerous options exist for doing this, so choose the one that appeals to you the most. Choose your favorite comforting program and start watching it. Try pulling out the yarn if you want to knit or crochet in your spare time. If journaling is your thing, you can even sit down and start writing about your experience.

Finding a way to divert your attention from your high, whatever it may be, is essential to helping you feel more rational.

If you consumed too much THCV, you shouldn't be concerned.

At the end of the day, it's critical to keep in mind that there is actually no cause for concern if you do take too much THCV. Your THCV experience is not permanent, and it often only lasts a few hours in total.

You don't have to be concerned about THCV cannabis manufacturers utilizing hazardous components because it is made from plants and is entirely natural. This alone contributes to your whole THCV adventure by adding assurance. However, before purchasing your product, check the findings of any third-party lab tests if you have any concerns about the safety and quality of your THCV. These COAs will display the product's cannabinoid concentrations as well as whether or not it has undergone impurity testing. When you witness these outcomes, you can use your product with even more assurance that it is safe to use.

Simply reduce your dose slightly the next time if you consume too much THCV but still want the cannabinoid's benefits. Start with a low dose and increase from there because, in most cases, the right dosage is all that's required to get the most out of THCV.

Different THCV Product Forms

Online, several THCV items in various forms are accessible for your enjoyment. There is a THCV product available for everyone, whether they choose to burn, dab, vape, or eat their THCV in an edible form.

The most well-known THCV products include THCV gummies. Customers who want a powerful dose of THCV that also tastes excellent have a lot of options, including THCV gummies. Gummies are tasty and something to look forward to because they mask the flavor of THCV. The experience will also go on for hours. To begin working, these infused chews can take up to two hours, so be patient while you wait for things to happen.

Check out items like THCV distillate in addition to THCV gummies. You can utilize THCV distillate in a number of different ways, such as by including it in a recipe, a lotion, or even on top of a flower. If you enjoy dabbing, there is also THCV isolate, which is great. You are always free to choose.

Of course, THCV flower, tinctures, and even topicals are also available. THCV is a somewhat uncommon cannabinoid, but you can get it in almost any form you choose.

Best Online Stores for THCV Products

We can assist if you want to purchase high-quality THCV items online but don't know where to start looking.

A wide range of THCV products, including THCV gummies, distillate, and isolate, are available from D Squared WorldWide. You can access some of the best THCV goods available thanks to our wide selection of high-quality, reasonably priced products, all of which will be delivered right to your home. Turn to D Squared WorldWide and begin shopping right away if you're prepared to use THCV safely and in the recommended dosage.

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