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Personalized Water Bottles - The Future of CBD Water

Personalized Water Bottles - The Future of CBD Water

Personalized Water Bottles - The Future of CBD Water
CBD Water

Personalized water bottles can be a great way to spread the word about your business. You can choose from a wide variety of different colors and styles and personalize them with a photo. You can also choose to have a monogram seal added to the bottle.

These bottles are great because they are water branded for out of store marketing. Plus, they are durable and lightweight. Whether you're looking for a unique water bottle for a friend or loved one, Nano Hemp Tech Lab has a design that's perfect for you.

Personalized water bottles are also an affordable marketing tool because of their low minimum order quantity. They can be used at events as giveaways or as an employee gift. They carry your brand wherever they go, and provide long-term exposure.

Furthermore, the increased interest in healthy living and saving the planet have fueled the growth of this new trend. Customized water bottles will be a part of the future of hydration. We have options ranging from spring water, cbd infused water to alkaline water. All of our water goes through reverse osmosis and is pulled directly from the Spring in Spring, TX.

Spring CBD Water

Branded Water Bottles with Nano Water Soluble Cannabinoids

A great custom water bottle can help your business or brand stand out from the crowd. Many people are urged to drink plenty of water, but unfortunately they rarely carry their own bottle. Luckily, they can be customized with the name of a business or a company.
CBD Water Bottle Company

They are also a great gift for anyone who enjoys staying hydrated. Most clients turn to 5mg - 20mg CBD or blends like Delta 9 water bottles with CBG nano powder. If dealing with delta 9 water, then you will have to comply with the federal dry weight basis laws passed in 2018 with the Farm Bill Act. 

Water Bottling: Private Label Water Supplier (Bottled Water Supplier)

CBD Water White Label

For the best prices, make sure to order in bulk. It will ensure you're getting the best price for your customized water bottle. You'll also be able to choose from two sizes which are a 10oz and 16oz options. If you're buying water bottles for your CBD company then think in terms of what your distribution could possibly move the best with current market trends. 

You'll be able to design your custom water bottles online or through a design tool. You'll also be able to add names to the bottles by selecting the group personalization tab. If you have a spreadsheet that you want to include, you can upload it directly to the site.

You'll be able to see the names in white rectangles on a white background. And you can even add a photo if you like. Our in house design team can design a compliant label within a few days with compatible QR codes etc. 

Private Label Bottled Water Infused with Nano CBD or Nano CBG Water
CBD Water Beverage

Custom water bottles can be branded with your company's logo. They are also available in a variety of materials, including aluminum, copper, glass, and BPA-free plastic. You can choose from a variety of styles to suit any lifestyle and budget. They're also a great way to refresh your brand recognition strategy.

Personalized sports water bottles are a great way to help your team keep hydrated while being environmentally friendly. They're also a great way to highlight a favorite photo. With the help of Shutterfly, you can design a water bottle with your favorite images.

These personalized water bottles are BPA-free and guaranteed to last years. They're also easy to drink and the taste will ensure customers to come back for more.

CBD Water Bottle MOQs

Best CBD Private Label Service

Our moq is 2000 bottles per sku or flavor. Pricing starts at $1.50 for a MOQ order. Please contact sales or inquire today to get a custom cbd water bottle project started today. Cannabinoids are not limited to water soluble CBD and include Kratom (kratom leaves extract) Kratom Water, Delta 8 THC Water, Delta 9 THC Water, CBG Water, CBN Water, HHC Water bottled options ranging from 5mg to 30mg hemp extract options!

Inquire today to get your custom water bottled quote today.

Our water has a premium great taste with a range of health benefits. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or evaluated by the food drug administration.

CBD Products Information

Beverage Specialists at our Company

To further help everyone to "Dose Daily", we created our superior water soluble technology. Since 2014, when we became your ingredient specialist for nano CBD, but also all wellness and health products containing water soluble ingredients, our mission hasn't changed much. With a collective 25 years experience in nano and water soluble solutions, we have formed a specialty formed team that can formulate a solution for your lab, brand or next project.

As a result of our custom SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), we will ensure that the success of your company is backed by a team of dedicated professionals who are continually infused with a solid foundation built deep within nanoparticles!

Beverage Specialist
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