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Nano CBG Powder Water Soluble CBG Expert Formulators

Nano CBG Powder Water Soluble CBG Expert Formulators

Exclusively at Nano Hemp Tech Labs, experience the best water soluble CBG on earth. The product is handcrafted in small batches by award-winning formulators for the savvy consumer. Enjoy the world's most bioavailable cannabigerol (CBG) with a healthy nutritional label, fast acting CBG (1-5 min), and predictable offset effects (1-4 hrs).

This powder can be mixed into your favorite drink or used in baking, cooking, and artisanal edibles. The flavorless CBG powder from Nano Hemp Tech Lab blends seamlessly with fresh roasted coffee, espresso, artisan chocolate, baked goods, desserts, molecular gastronomy, and many other applications.

Nano Hemp Tech Lab's CBG Powder is Soluble in Water Technology

  • KEY POINTS: Safe and Effective
  • The CBG (20mg) Powder is a single serving (0.1g)
  • CBG - Food or Pharmaceutical Grade
  • The World's Most Bioavailable Nano emulsion
  • No flavor or odor
  • Ingredients are all natural
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • CBD Product - Hemp Derived powder form

What is Nano CBG Isolate Powder also Called?

Cannabigerol, Nano Cannabigerol, Water Soluble CBG 

Description of Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

Nano Hemp Tech labs Water Soluble Powder is formulated with CBDism premium CBG isolate.

CBG molecules obtained from the specialty blend are transformed into nanoparticles using an emulsion process, giving it a pleasant mineral water flavor and a white or clear color. Our proprietary fiber blend is then sprayed with CBG until it is dry. This process has resulted in Nano Hemp Tech Labs Water Soluble Powder which can be dispersed in liquids without leaving an oily surfactant residue or tasting bitter.

CBG Water Soluble by Nano Hemp Tech Labs.

Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder uses CBDism' unique capacity of excellent quality to combine it with our expert knowledge of water solubility, resulting in a highly-effective, water-soluble powder. Formulations aiming for a higher bioavailability or a complete dissolution in water would benefit from this solution.

CBG Powder is one of the most commonly used ingredients in beverage and food formulations. Why choose Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder?

We are committed to investigating the full spectrum of cannabinoids in order to offer our customers powders of the highest quality. Encapsulating enhances bioavailability and keeps the label as clean as possible, while at the same time increasing bioavailability. Additionally, a high level of purity of the raw materials contributes to the enhanced sensory characteristics of Nano Hemp Tech Labs powder. Our powders can be traced from seed to product as part of our quality control and high transparency program.

Dosage charts for Nano Hemp Tech Powder

Not sure how much water soluble CBG you need for your formulation?

Below is a dosage chart to determine how much Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder you should use to produce your desired formulation strength.

Nano Hemp Tech Labs™ CBG Powder 20%
200,000mg CBG for 1,000,000mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs

1mg CBG = 5mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

10mg CBG = 50mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

15mg CBG = 75mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

20mg CBG = 100mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

25mg CBG = 125mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

30mg CBG = 150mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

35mg CBG = 175mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

40mg CBG = 200mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

45mg CBG = 225mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

50mg CBG = 250mg Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBG Powder

What is Nano CBG Powder & is it True Water Soluble?

Cannabidiol CBG is the so-called "mother" or "stem-cell" cannabinoid. All cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, are chemical derivatives of CBGa, which is converted into CBDa or THCa by enzymes within hemp plants. It is regarded as a minor cannabinoid due to its low concentration in hemp plants (usually less than 1%).

In its pure form, CBG isolate will not homogenize evenly in water - it is still oil-soluble. Science-backed water soluble CBG powder is our solution. As we also develop custom SOPs, we are fully confident that our team of scientists can contribute to the success of your project. 

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