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How Do You Use Delta-8 Concentrates and What Are They?

How Do You Use Delta-8 Concentrates and What Are They?

Cannabis concentrates are particularly popular among seasoned users looking for potent effects. However, what exactly are delta-8 concentrates and how are they used?

At D Squared WorldWide, we take great pride in providing a huge variety of top-quality delta-8 concentrates. Additionally, we want you to understand how to use them! Because of this, we have described what delta-8 concentrates are below and how you can use them. 

What exactly is Delta-8?

Let's first focus on what delta-8 THC is in general before discussing what delta-8 concentrates are.

A cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant family is delta-8 THC. Although it has roughly half the potency of delta-9 THC, it is connected to that compound. Therefore, although being a psychoactive cannabinoid, delta-8 THC is not nearly as potent as conventional THC.

Although it occurs naturally in the cannabis plant, the delta-8 cannabinoid is only present in minute concentrations, making it challenging to distinguish from other chemicals. As a result, experts have learnt how to isomerize hemp-derived CBD, a process that transforms the cannabinoid into delta-8 THC.

This makes it possible for producers to use delta-8 extract to make goods like delta-8 gummies, delta-8 flower, and, of course, delta-8 concentrates.

It's crucial to remember that while delta-8 THC is permitted on a federal level, not all states do. Before attempting to buy any delta-8 items, make careful to research the laws in your area pertaining to delta-8 THC. 

Delta 8 Concentrate

What exactly is a Delta-8 Concentrate?

Let's talk about delta-8 concentrations now that we've defined delta-8.

The extraction and purification techniques used to create Delta-8 concentrates allow for more concentrated versions of the original extract. The amounts of delta-8 in these items are among the highest available, with some concentrates testing as high as 99% pure D8. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

On the market, there are many distinct kinds of concentrates, and each kind will appear somewhat different from the one before it. It's crucial to notice that delta-8 concentrates exist in a wide variety of colors, textures, and potencies. We shall discuss how these concentrates differ slightly later.

Depending on the type of concentrate you have and how you choose to use it, there are many different ways to enjoy it. Because Delta-8 concentrates are such adaptable goods, they are excellent for cannabis consumers who like a little diversity.

It is crucial to remember that some of the most potent delta-8 products available are concentrates. As a result, they are not advised for new users or people with low tolerances because they are likely to have too powerful of an effect.    

How Different Delta-8 Concentrates Are

There are so many various options available when it comes to delta 8 concentrates. We'll briefly discuss each and discuss how these concentrates are different from one another.

One of the most common varieties of delta-8 concentrates is going to be delta-8 oil. The majority of vape cartridges contain this thin, generally golden-colored concentrate. You can utilize this distillate oil in a variety of ways, including vaping, burning, putting it in gummies, applying it topically, and more. It will have very high quantities of delta-8.

Another well-liked variety of delta-8 concentration is delta 8 wax. Wax will be significantly thicker and more viscous than oil. Wax is intended for dabbing, adding to flower or a blunt, or it can be added to a concentrate-specific refillable vape pen.

A far more brittle form of concentration called delta-8 shatter is clearly obvious. When using shatter for dabs, you cut off little pieces from the concentrate sheet from which it is made. Because of its delicate makeup, this kind of concentrate is significantly less adaptable.

While delta-8 crumble and delta-8 wax are comparable, crumble has a considerably more sand-like texture. Since crumble is simple to mold but can also crumble a little when handled, many people compare it to brown sugar. While crumble is simple to dab, you may also sprinkle it inside of a joint or onto a dish.

As its name suggests, the consistency of the concentrate known as delta-8 budder/badder is very soft, similar to cake batter. This concentration is simple to use, especially for dabbing, and it frequently has high quantities of terpenes, which give it an enhanced flavor and scent.

Plus, more! You can also experiment with different delta-8 concentrations like crystallines, terp sauces, live resin, rosin, and more. What's crucial to remember is that each of these concentrates is created similarly, using just a few minor variations to give each one a different composition.

The Best Way to Choose a Delta-8 Concentrate

Determining your own particular tastes is the key to selecting the best delta-8 concentrate. There is no one delta-8 concentration that is intrinsically superior to another; they are all just unique from one another. Therefore, it's crucial to decide how you want to eat your concentrate and what kind of experience you want.

For instance, certain concentrates have far higher terpene concentrations than others, making them the greatest choice for customers seeking a more flavorful experience. Others could be looking for purity, in which case concentrates like shatter or even distillates may be the best option because they undergo rigorous filtration procedures.

But if you don't want to dab, it's best to avoid concentrates like budder or crumble and instead try ones like delta-8 oil, which you can use as an edible or mix with your preferred topical cream.

What you want from your concentrate experience ultimately determines which delta-8 concentrate is best for you. We'll address that next if you're still unsure of how you want to use your concentrate. 

How to Take Delta-8 Concentrates: 6 Methods

The adaptability of Delta-8 concentrates is only one of the many reasons why they are so well-liked. Delta-8 concentrates can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, depending on what you find most enjoyable.

The top six ways to consume delta-8 concentrates are listed below.


Delta-8 concentration vaping is very common. You may easily inhale the concentrate by adding some delta-8 oil to your refillable vape pen. Because the pens are covert and portable, vaping delta-8 is a perfect option for anyone who want to use the cannabinoid while out and about. The flavors of a concentrate can also be enjoyed using this manner, which adds a whole new level of pleasure. 


Dabbing can be a wonderful way for users with a lot of experience to enjoy a delta-8 concentrate. Dabbing can be wonderful for people with high tolerances who want to get the most out of their concentrates even if it isn't nearly as simple as vaping and requires additional equipment.

A dab rig, torch or torch lighter, dab tool, and carb cap are required for dabbing. Starting with your dab tool, you'll gather a tiny bit of concentration in the end. When the bowl-end of your rig, also known as the banger or nail, is red hot, carefully set this down and pick up the torch.

As you inhale, carefully place the dab-side end of the dab tool into the banger after waiting roughly 30 seconds, whirling it around until all the concentrate falls off.

Continue breathing in while you put down the dab tool and atop the banger the carb cap. When you're prepared, let out a breath. Take a dry Q-tip and swirl it around the banger to gather any extra concentrate there may be and clean it out. And that is how you dab your delta-8 concentrates, as well! 

Enhancing an edible

You may always utilize your delta-8 concentrates in edibles if you don't want to dab or vape. A delta-8 oil or distillate works well for this because they have a thinner consistency and are simpler to combine with other substances.

Simply measure out a little amount of your concentrate and add it to a cooking component, such as butter or oil, if you have a favorite recipe.

If you choose, you may also add the oil straight to dishes like sauces, soups, or salad dressings, but you must use only delta-8 oils for this, not any other kind of concentration.


The use of delta-8 concentrates can elevate your burning experience if you enjoy flower. In addition to flower, concentrates can be employed, such as on top of a bowl or poured around a blunt. Because they are simple to use and manipulate, concentrates like crumble or wax work best when combined with flower. Concentrates like shatter can occasionally work on top of a bowl, but if you try to infuse this glass-like wax within your joint or blunt, you run the danger of breaking it.

It's important to note that you cannot use a regular lighter when smoking concentrates. Torch lighters work best because a lighter won't burn the concentrate properly, which is necessary for it to completely activate. Additionally, burning it gently can help you achieve better outcomes. 


This implies that, if you use a delta-8 oil tincture, you can sort of "drink" your concentrate. Basically, you may add your dose of D8 oil directly into your smoothie, tea, coffee, juice, or any other beverage you like, and then enjoy the advantages.

Similar to edibles, the body must digest the infused water before the effects can be felt, however many people like this intake technique because to how simple it is in general. The tincture doesn't have to taste good, and the effects begin gradually and linger for hours. 

Application to the Skin

A fantastic method to experience the cannabinoid is to add your dose to a topical or even apply it directly to the skin if you have a delta 8 distillate concentrate.

Simply incorporate your dose into your preferred lotion or cream to get started. The effects of delta-8 will then be felt by your skin when you massage it upon it. You can apply the oil directly to the skin if you have a delta-8 tincture, however this can occasionally be messy.    

What Stores Sell Delta-8 Concentrate?

If you live in a place where delta-8 is legal, you can purchase delta 8 goods from your neighborhood smoke shop or dispensary, including concentrates and even delta-8 moon rocks. The alternative is to purchase them from online merchants like D Squared WorldWide.

You can choose from a wide range of delta-8 items, including different delta-8 concentrations, at D Squared WorldWide. These concentrates are of the finest caliber, and you can view the most recent COAs that are included with each one. This way, when these goods show up at your door, you know exactly what to expect.

Along with concentrates, you can choose anything that catches your eye from our extensive range of delta-8 gummies, delta-8 flower, delta-8 moon rocks, delta-8 distillates, delta-8 tinctures, and more. Whatever you're looking for, D Squared WorldWide has you covered because we provide items for all customer levels and tastes.

Final Thoughts for Delta-8 Concentrates

The choice of how to take your delta-8 concentrate is ultimately yours. It's crucial to keep in mind that these items are extremely potent and work best for seasoned users who require a more intense high than what normal flower or a gummy can offer.

But because of this, D Squared WorldWide is pleased to offer a variety of these concentrates; in this way, our waxes are created with your tolerance level in mind, regardless of what it may be. Find your ideal delta-8 concentration easier than ever before by starting to browse today.

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