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Nano Water Soluble CBD Powder

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Nano Water Soluble CBD Powder

Nano emulsified and water-soluble makes this powder ideal for the CBD market and product creation. Our commercial grade boutique crafted small batch Nano Water Soluble CBD Isolate powder is backed by nanoscience which is at the cutting edge for the hemp industry. Our team has over 25 years of collective nano experience and over 8 total years of backed research. We are your turn key provider!


CBD Isolate is a pure, nano-emulsified, flavorless pharma grade powder. The lab process ensures premium solubility which makes the isolate perfect for manufacturers and brands alike. The degree of purity makes it extremely easy to dose accurately with confidence. As a result, it can be easily introduced into products without altering the flavor profile in addition to our bitter blocker already built-in. 

🚀Our custom SOPs will ensure that your product’s success is backed by a team that cares and one that is ingrained with a solid foundation rooted deep within the nano particle! 🚀


Water Soluble CBD - Benefits of Nano Emulsified Cannabinoids

The term Water Soluble CBD is often used to refer to CBD products that have nanoparticles that mimic the appearance of a dissolved substance. The molecules of this type of CBD are similar to those of fat-soluble nutrients, but are much easier to digest. This cannabinoid description will cover some of the benefits of this form of CBD and why it is so popular among consumers. 

The process of manufacturing Water Soluble CBD is based on the use of nanotechnology. This form of CBD has a much higher bioavailability than its traditional counterparts, and uses fewer potentially harmful surfactants. Compared to traditional oil-based CBD, nanotechnology allows for the smallest molecules possible. As a result, water-soluble CBD is more effective than the more expensive version. It is best to buy from a U.S. company that can prove its product by providing third-party lab results and a certificate of analysis.

The full-spectrum Water Soluble CBD contains a broad range of cannabinoids and terpenes in their formulas. Some water-soluble CBD products also contain traces of THC, but these levels are in low enough levels to not cause any mind-altering effects. This type of CBD is the best for serious conditions such as anxiety and depression, and has a more balanced profile for the price. We have both broad spectrum (EU Compliant) CBD Nano powder and full spectrum CBD Nano powder.


The next step is to learn how to buy and use nano CBD water soluble powder to achieve your goal. Nano CBD products have to be bio-contaminant-free when you select Nano CBD. The majority of hemp-based products come from plants that are grown in China. Chemicals and metals found in soil are found in hemp grown in China. Chinese hemp CBD is dangerous.

All of our Nano has a full chain of custody and has third party testing. Our team is dedicated to transparency, potency and longevity. We truly believe by switching to Nano Hemp Tech Lab’s technology that your brand will elevate in many ways! Contact an account rep today to ask additional questions. 



It is important to get CBD, other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids into blood plasma without having them first processed and degraded by the liver and digestive system. Nano Hemp Tech Labs CBD Nanoemulsions at *60nm are ideal for rapid bloodstream uptake since epithelial tissue can almost instantly absorb molecules less than 9-10 microns (or 10000nm).

With our New CBD NANOEMULSION product, CBD is absorbed into the epithelial layers of the esophagus and delivered immediately to the bloodstream.

Experience the Full Effects of CBD (cannabidiol) by using the Power of Botanical Chemistry. You can finally harness nature's healing chemistry with our Advanced Spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.


If you're looking for a great way to get your daily dose of CBD, you should look into Nano Water Soluble CBD. This hemp-derived CBD is able to bind to water and is easily dissolved into water. It comes encapsulated at around 60 nano meters. Our team has created this powder to be a true odorless, tasteless homogeneous material that should be able to help your brand or lab improve raw materials. 

This water-soluble form of CBD is superior to its oil-soluble cousin, because it is more readily absorbed by the body. The effects of Nano CBD can improve sleep and reduce stress, while reducing inflammation and enhancing focus. Nano Hemp Tech Labs is focused also on a shelf stable safe product that will make you stand out in this crowded field.

Nano Water Soluble CBD can be used in many products. It can be found in a variety of food and beverage products, including infused drinks, chocolates, and edibles or gummies. Its consistency makes it ideal for incorporating CBD into edible products. These products are also great for use in an e mod vape juice. They make it easier for consumers to consume CBD and have a healthier lifestyle. Please email us directly to get help on formulation for your CBD Products or any other cannabinoids. 


Nano CBD is CBD that has been broken down into smaller particles, making it easier to absorb into the bloodstream. By increasing the surface area of absorption during digestion, these nanoparticles offer greater bioavailability.

Nano CBD is often found in CBD products like Nano CBD Gummies, Beverage Enhancers and Sex lube!  It is most common in these products because they have to be digested. Nano CBD makes CBD easier for our digestive system to digest and absorb.

How does Nano CBD differ from Regular CBD?

CBD particles differ primarily in size. Traditional CBD is more likely to be yellow than nano CBD. Nano CBD is usually more liquid due to the emulsifying process. Nano CBD water soluble powder absorbs 100% of its constituents, whereas traditional CBD oil absorbs 50%. Finally, A typical CBD particle size is 4400 nm where our powder is formulated to 60nm which is roughly 98% smaller particle size. This should help make sense as to why nano is fast acting and penetrates your cell membrane. Our technology has also been developed for extended release properties. Each nano particle is designed to also be released in  your lower GI and liver!


For those who want a more concentrated form of CBD, Nano Water Soluble CBD is the best choice. It contains only 20-25% potency and has a 10x higher absorption rate than the ordinary type of CBD. It can also be shipped to your doorstep within 24-48 hours of ordering. When it comes to buying CBD nano please call an account manager to get more detailed information on our product line & to see what fits better for your end use case! 


For individuals with sensitive digestive systems, Nano Water Soluble CBD is an excellent choice since nano-sized particles are easily absorbed by the body. With a 60nm particle size, it reaches endocannabinoid receptors super fast and mixes easily with food and beverages. 

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